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Here is where I bang on a bit, yes! 🙂
But find the question you want answered and just read that if you like.
Or, if you are waiting for the bus, your doctor, or that brunch friend that likes to keep you waiting,
read the whole thing. Up to you 😉


I am registered and certified under the public health and wellbeing act through the Ballarat council. I keep up to date with Govt rules and regulations, am fully vaxxed, and I have a QR code for you to scan when you arrive. Hand sanitiser is available at the door, and if it is a requirement to wear a mask I have fresh ones available should you need one.

My working space, tools and amenities are cleaned thoroughly with hospital grade disinfectant and iso alcohol after each client. As an added precaution (yes, I am a little anal-retentive!) I sterilise all my metal tools as well with a high temp steriliser.

As I spend time cleaning my space after appointments for the health and safety of each client, please respect my health as I respect yours, and if you feel sick at all with any of those “well-known” symptoms, please let me know and we can reschedule your appointment.


I wish I had the magic length of time to tell absolutely everyone, but it can depend on many factors including ones job, hobbies, type of nails, and whether you follow the aftercare instructions or not. Are you someone who is really rough with your nails? Then I don’t mean to sound harsh, but you can expect a chip here and there, maybe even some lifting if aftercare is not adhered to, which is discussed at your first appointment. Like any beauty treatment, gel nails require a certain level of care, but your nails in general should! *wink*

I have seen damaged nails getting much stronger over time from having the protection from gel overlays, then overlays last longer, and nails are able to grow out and feel a lot healthier. If nails are very very short, it can be harder to cap them at the tip (the free edge) which can cause lifting, especially if you are rough with them. For very weak nails, it is probably best that you spend some time on TLC and building some strength in the nails before getting gel overlays or extensions done as product can sometimes shed off very weak nails, possibly taking more layers of nail off with the product if it comes off (or you pick it off! Eek!) There are some great supplements for hair nails and skin, as well as nail strengthening polishes to help with this. Drinking lots of water is always amazing for nails too!

Of course, if you want nails to last for the longest ever possible time, you can get acrylics (with a gel overlay… tee hee, couldn’t resist) but with consistent application and removal, they may damage your natural nails over time. Who said beauty was easy?


If you come to me with nails that haven’t been manicured for some time and you need a fair bit of cuticle work done (to make your nails look the best they can for your overlay, and ensure the best adhesion of product) then time will be spent on this. I do not cut cuticles away (this can cause infection) instead I push them back and make sure I remove all the dead stuff and anything that’s glued to your nail plate – this in turn helps nail growth and this done with regular manicures can make your natural nails look the best they ever have. If you do have regular manicures, the time spent on this decreases as there is less cuticle build up! Sometimes if cuticles are super chunky and dry, cuticle remover will have to be used and left to sit on the cuticles for a bit to soften them. Also, if you have nails that are all odd shapes, some long, some super short, a split here or there (you get the point) time will be spent on shaping them or fixing them up.
For a super super short nail that is pretty much exposing the hypernicium, I might recommend a silk tip otherwise capping the free edge to make sure the gel doesn’t lift eventually can sometimes be next to impossible. I use 100% gel for this to build the tip, no toxic glue. If I need to remove other products this can also eat into treatment time as I like to make sure I don’t damage nails with removal. Please factor this all in if you are someone who prefers faster treatments due to a busy schedule- my treatments are done with nail health and care as top priority, and I won’t cut corners when it comes to a good mani!


No, they are both fantastic products and I personally alternate between them- I love both for what they can do! Bio Sculpture was the original product Vos Amo opened with and I will always stand by how amazing this system is! To become trained, certified, and able to purchase Bio Sculpture products, you have to be a certified beauty therapist. Overlays are prescriptive, meaning more time and product goes into the treatment for the overall health of the nail, as opposed to it just looking pretty.
En Vogue is a simpler yet high quality non-toxic system that uses the same salon grade gels with each overlay, making treatment time faster depending on your nails and their state of health at your first appointment.


It is all personal choice in what we choose to use in terms of cosmetics and so forth, but I know that for me, it matters a lot that my polishes don’t contain toxins such as toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, TPHP, parabens and ethyl tosylamide. These are found in a lot of well-known brands, some of which you can buy right off the drug store shelves. There are studies that have shown our nails actually do absorb what we put on them (our nails can absorb water for instance – don’t ever wet your hands before polishing your nails at home, as the water will make your nails swell. Then, when the swelling goes away, your polish has greater chances of chipping! If nails absorb water this way, you can’t tell me they don’t absorb other things too…) Also, as a nail technician, I really don’t want to be breathing in things like camphor while polishing nails. As per Extended and excessive exposure to the fumes (of camphor) can cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, and disorientation, making it particularly concerning for nail technicians. I’ll pass! 🙂


Please call to discuss!


I am happy to remove SNS/ Shellac, but I do so gently to prevent any damage to the nail. Please note this is an added cost.


I will always do my best to ensure you leave with a strong, lasting overlay or extensions, however accidents do happen, and prescriptive overlays might require fine tuning depending on what your nails are like at your first  appointment! I do free-of-charge repairs within 7 days of having your nails done, after that time I charge $5 per nail. If it’s an extension, I will most likely have to use more product which I may charge for at my discretion. I am very fair though, depending on the situation, and always want my clients to be happy with their nails! As women we can tend to put up with things we don’t like and not say anything, but I would rather you tell me please, so I can fix it! 😉


I offer form extensions that are done off the free edge of the natural nail using a lovely gel modelling/sculpting resin by En Vogue. These do require a little natural length (at least!) to the nail to be able to get the form on properly. They are built, sculpted, and refined/ filed to look more like your natural nails with length rather than glued on tips. I admit, I am not a huge fan of building nails that are super long as I am all about nail health- the longer the extension, the better the chance of it catching on something, breaking off and potentially taking some of your nail off with it- unless you are super dainty with your nails, (and don’t mind sending misspelt text messages to everyone- jk ;))

It is to my knowledge that the healthiest extended length to have is half the length of the nail bed, which, depending on how long yours are, can still be pretty ample length. Product on nails lasts well with application of cuticle oil to keep nails and skin from drying out, especially with all this hand sanitiser we have been using lately. Therefore with every first set of forms, I give a little bottle of cuticle oil to you to keep on your nightstand and apply every night before getting your beauty sleep.

Extensions require care and investment, so infills are required every 3-4 weeks, (depending on how fast your nails grow) to rebalance the nail and strengthen the stress area where the nail bends. You don’t want to get to a stage where you have too much of a gap, as they will be very compromised at the nail bed and the neighbours will know about it if the end of one happens to get in the way of something and pops right off.

Even if they are stuck on for dear life and will survive a war, the gap is not a good look anyway…. only being honest! In some cases, before extensions, I will recommend getting overlays and just growing out your own natural nails. For this to happen however, you have to be vigilant with looking after your nails! No biting, picking, peeling off the product at any chance you get, and so forth. It is great to be able to have your own natural long nails with just an overlay to protect them though!


If you have it available, you can apply a thin layer of clear top coat to your overlay after a few weeks has passed, to get it looking glossy again if you feel it needs it (I do use some pretty high shine gel top coats though!)


As you might be able to tell from this page, I am a bit of a smart arse, but I have a heart of gold, I love a good laugh, and I believe in giving excellent client service, having worked in client management roles throughout a colourful admin career.

I created Vos-Amo as I stumbled upon Bio Sculpture when I wasn’t happy with other enhancements I’d been getting and was over the moon with how Bio Sculpture put life back in to my frail nails again. I trained in it with the initial thought of personal use only, but then decided it was a product I would love using as a nail tech so I went all out with it and did what I needed to do to make it happen.

I trained in beauty therapy over 20 years ago, and ended up with a passion for doing nails, having done my own, and that of family and friends over the years for this long, I decided I may as well give it a go and start my own business.

I am also qualified in transpersonal counseling, graphic design, and floristry, and have tied my love of flowers into my design work for this site by drawing flowers from my garden and creating collages (I love me a collage!) I love or appreciate all forms of art and photography, I paint (when I have the time!) and I have a couple of ideas for kids books that I hope to illustrate and self publish one day. I also can’t work without music, as most clients know by now….. I am into a lot of genres but I love finding out about new (or old!) bands and musicians. If you want me to play anything you’re into at the moment while we do your nails, let me know.

When it comes to nails, I believe they are just as important as your face! I want to make them look the best they’ve ever looked – naturally first and foremost, and in some cases, this takes time. We live in such a fast paced world, we expect everything NOW. But sometimes you have to be patient to get the best result… so treatments go hand in hand (ha) with client care of course.

Along with caring for your nails, I provide a space that is chilled, feminine, and a great spot to get away from it all while chatting about whatever takes your fancy.


My grandmother was of Portuguese decent and when she passed away it occurred to me that if I was to ever own and run a business one day, the name would be in Portuguese as a little nod to her. It is meant to mean ‘love you’ as in love YOU (yourself- hence the hyphen, for pause, which looked better than a comma!) but look it up on Google (go on, I bet you have) and you might also find ‘I love you’.

Whichever way you want to interpret it, whether you love you, I love you, or you just love getting your nails done 🙂 for me it means love for ourselves, and the love and care that goes in to (or should go in to) what we do for others!

If you’ve read all of this, thank you! Spilling my guts out wasn’t for nothing! 🙂

Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a bell!

0435 955 551