Vos-Amo is dedicated to providing healthier and safer gel nail alternatives, that allow for gorgeous overlays and extensions, but are of a prescriptive nature. Using state of the art, quality products, a treatment is tailored to suit nails that are thin and weak, tough and strong, or anything in between, meaning less damage to your own natural nails.

Even though I loved getting nail enhancements and having nice nails over the years, I wondered whether there could be a healthier option, a way to have the manicures I loved without the chemicals or harsh drill removal.

Deciding to look for a healthier alternative, I found and fell in love with Bio Sculpture gel treatments and never looked back! After using these products for a short while, I could see how much better these lovely products were for my nails.

I therefore developed a passion for these products, and I decided to utilize my nail technician training and focus on providing nail enhancement services to those who want the best for their nails – using a system that is non-toxic, vegan, 5-star safety rated and cruelty free!

Vos-Amo means ‘love you’ in Portuguese (a little nod to my late grandmother!) I decided on this name as its a way for me to say ‘Love-YOU’. Taking some time out for yourself and having a pamper is a great way to inject some self love into your life!

You deserve it! x

Using professional, salon-grade, non-toxic formulas that are also vegan and cruelty free to boot, you can have stunning gel overlays from your choice of 70 gorgeous colours. A set can last up to three or more weeks depending on your daily activities, and removal is easy with absolutely NO drills required!

Prior to your gel manicure, we discuss the condition of your nails and choose the appropriate Bio Sculpture products that will suit your natural nail for excellent adhesion and to prevent any damage while wearing your overlay. Bio Sculpture gels are versatile in that they can create long lasting gel overlays and gorgeous extensions, as well as the timeless classic and chic, French gel manicure. All nail treatments start with a full manicure to prep your nails to perfection prior to applying your overlay, and end with a mini hand massage and nourishing cuticle oil. Removal is safe and gentle using a special gel remover with almond oil, along with a Bio Sculpture product I absolutely adore called Vitamin Dose. For any queries you may have about a gel overlay treatment and the products used, please call on the number provided below.

Rough, dry, or cracked skin on the feet can be a thing of the past thanks to the range of Footlogix pediceutical products that I personally love and use on my own feet and for the deluxe pedis I do. Footlogix was founded in 2007 by Dr Kathryn von Gavel and it is the worlds first and only ‘pediceutical’ foot care line to address the various and sometimes challenging needs within the foot care industry. The aim of the Footlogix brand is to provide unique products with revolutionary technologies that give transformational results. If you want a special pamper session for your feet that leaves your tootsies feeling loved and cared for, then look no further! For the pedicure treatments available, please see the price list below which outlines what is involved with these treatments.

I aim to stay up to date with the latest news regarding Covid 19 to make sure I follow all workplace rules and regulations, to ensure the health and safety of all clients. Hand sanitiser is available to use when you arrive for your appointment, and if it is a requirement at any stage to wear a mask and you happen to leave yours at home, please give me notice when you arrive and I will provide you with a fresh one. I thoroughly clean and sanitise my working space and amenities with hospital grade disinfectant, as well as use isopropyl alcohol on all tools after each client. Please click on the Covid 19 banner below if you would like advice on any restrictions currently in place.

Colour Gel Overlay – The ever popular nail enhancement! Includes full manicure, file and shape, cuticle oil and mini hand massage (Choice of 70 gel colours)



French Gel Overlay (On natural nails) – Classic French overlay using white high pigment gel and special stencils. The perfect nails for a special event! Includes full manicure, file and shape, cuticle oil and mini hand massage



Clear Gel Overlay – If you prefer a natural look, but want strength if your nails are weak and tend to break easily as they grow. Includes full manicure, file and shape, cuticle oil and mini hand massage



Gel Extensions – Forms or Silk Sculptures – Includes full manicure, extensions to suit your natural nails, cuticle oil and mini hand massage (to organise a booking for extensions, please call or text on the number below)
– Colour or French overlay



Infills and Re-balancing – To keep your extensions strong as they grow out and looking their best! (to organise a booking for an infill and re-balance of your extensions, please call or text on the number below)
File and shape/ refine, gel application, mini hand massage and cuticle oil



Silk Repair/ Build a Nail – Got a break in a nail and you’d rather not cut it off? Using silk and gel, I can patch it up for you and get it strong again! Or if you have long nails and you’ve sadly had a break or two, you have an option for me to build length to get them all the same again prior to an overlay
Per nail



Deluxe Footlogix Pedi with Gemini Nail Polish – Full pedicure using the Footlogix Pediceutical range which includes foot spa, exfoliation, foot file, and massage treatment + Gemini nail polish application (choice of 30 colours)
(Please note Gemini polish is not a gel, but a nourishing non-toxic polish by Bio Sculpture that can be removed using nail polish remover. Please wear a pair of open toed shoes to your appointment)



Footlogix Pedi without Polish – Perfect if you want to treat your feet to a relaxing experience (sans polish!) with the Footlogix Pediceutical range, which includes foot spa, exfoliation, foot file and massage treatment



Gel Removal – Bio Sculpture gel removal using nourishing almond oil, and gentle gel polish remover, buff & tidy, and a non-toxic clear treatment polish for natural nails

(Please note removal of Bio gel is included with all subsequent Bio overlay treatments)



Classic Manicure – The perfect option if your nails are a little worse for wear and need to be babied a bit before getting a gel overlay! Includes full manicure with a hit of vitamin dose, treatment polish, mini hand massage and cuticle oil



Please kindly note that I do not remove SNS or gel overlays of other brands due to the removal process required of these treatments. I can however, do an ‘acrylic conversion’, whereby I gently remove as much acrylic from your nails as possible and then do a Bio Sculpture overlay. For this service, please call or text to arrange. 

Please also note that these treatments are not rushed- at your first appointment a consult is done to determine your nail type and the health of your nails so I know which gels will best suit you. Please be aware of this when making an appointment.

I encourage card payments, but if you would like to pay with cash, please ensure you bring the correct amount (or close enough) for your appointment. Thank you!


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